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POLICY # 5T1393114

Tenant.Name Start Date: Tenant.InsurCoverageStart
Tenant.StreetAddress2 Unit #:
Tenant.City, Tenant.Region
Store: Site.Name

Lessee: All Registered “Lessee’s”, “in good Standing”, of above “Lessor’s” Storage Facilities
Unit: Unit Rented/Leased by “Lessee”
Total Sum Insured: Tenant.InsurCoverage Maximum any single unit Premium Payable to Facility: Tenant.InsurPremium + applicable taxes
Description of Goods in Storage: Property Owned By The “Lessee”
Deductible: $500.00 shall be deducted from the amount of each such adjusted claim.
Termination date: Immediate upon vacating the storage unit or termination of the User Agreement.
Protection Agreement: This Certificate of Protection:

• is subject to terms and conditions of the “Lessor’s” master policy in force with Intact Insurance Company. The “Lessor’s” master policy contains clauses that may limit the amount payable.
• insures all property except those specifically excluded while stored within the stated unit(s) located at above premises of the “Lessor”.
• insures against all risks (excluding earthquake and flood) of direct physical loss or damage to the property insured from any external cause except as herein excluded.

Special Limits of Insurance: The following special limits of insurance form part of, and are subject to and not in addition to the Total Sum Insured limit stated above:
1. Televisions, stereo equipment, computer equipment, including computer software, as well as all other electronic equipment are insured to a maximum of $1,000 per item, $2,000 in sum total per claim.
2. Business property defined as goods held for sale; business use tools and equipment; business documents and records are insured to a maximum of $2,500 in sum total per claim

CERTIFICATE OF PROTECTION PLAN SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The Certificate Of Protection for each “Lessee” will remain in force up until the earliest date the
1) “Lessee” is not “in good standing”;
2) “Lessee abandons the “unit”; or
3) “Lessor’s” master policy is cancelled, non-renewed or expires.
The “Lessor” is to provide notice to “Lessee” if “Lessor’s” master policy is cancelled, non-renewed or lapsed.

*It is expressly understood and agreed that coverage is hereby provided in accordance with the Just Storage Customer Goods in Storage coverage wording attached to this certificate.

Wording can also be found at: https://tripemco.com/TripemcoSelfStorageWordings/TenantsWordingsLong.pdf


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The “Lessee” named on the Insurance Certificate hereby cancels this Certificate effective ________________________ (dd/mm/yy at 12:01 am) and acknowledges as of that date and time, that all coverages with Intact Insurance are terminated hereunder with respect to all losses.

User’s signature of cancellation: ________________________________________________________

Customer Goods in Storage – Summary of Insurance

The present document is not an insurance policy and is issued as a matter of information only. The coverage extended to the self-storage facility Customer is subject to all terms and conditions of the policy issued to the Self-Storage Facility. Terms and conditions are subject to change. Please refer www.tripemco.com for the most recent terms and conditions.
In the event that any of the property insured be lost or damaged by a peril insured against, the Insurer will pay the customer for the direct loss so caused to an amount exceeding whichever is the least of:
a) The actual cash value of the property at the time of loss or damage;
b) The replacement cost;
c) The interest of the customer in the property;
d) The amount of insurance shown on the Confirmation of Insurance in respect of the property lost or damaged.

The Insurer is not liable for any amount unless the loss or damage caused by any of the perils insured against exceeds the deductible shown in the Confirmation of Insurance in any one occurrence, and then, the Insurer is only liable for the amount in excess of the deductible up to the amount or amounts shown on the Confirmation of Insurance.

Customer Duties in the Event of a Loss
The Customer must notify the facility immediately upon discovering any loss that may result in damage to insured property. Any interested party may file such a notification. Failure to fulfill the previously stated obligation entails the forfeiture of the Customer’s entitlement to indemnification when such as possible of all circumstances surrounding the loss, including its probable cause, the nature and scope of the damages, the location of the property, rights of the third-parties and concurrent insurance. The Customer must also provide the facility with any documents supporting such circumstances and solemnly affirm or state under oath veracity of the foregoing.

Property Insured
Property belonging to the customer that is stored under contract with the named facility and for which the facility has issued a “Confirmation of Insurance”, subject to the conditions and exclusions under the facility policy. The Customer is responsible to carry insurance to replace 100% of the property in storage.

Property Exclusions
Coverage under the self-storage facility policy does not insure against, among other things, the following:
(a) growing plants, trees, shrubs or flowers;
(b) animals, fish or birds;
(c) property held as samples or for sale or for delivery after sale;
(d) money, bullion, platinum and other precious metals and alloys, securities, stamps, tickets and tokens, evidence of debt or title, goods deemed to be collectibles;
(e) furs, fur garments, jewels, jewelry, costume jewelry, watches, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones;
(f) automobiles, watercraft, amphibious or air cushion vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft, trailers, motors or other accessories attached or unattached from such property
(g) pre-recorded video tapes or any other form of media, data or data storage;
(h) property illegally acquired, kept, or stored; property seized or confiscated for breach of any law or by order of any public authority;
(i) Firearms;
(j) Musical Instruments;
(k) “Fine Arts”;
(i) patterns, dies, moulds;
(ii) paintings, etchings, pictures, tapestries and other bona fide works of art (such as, valuable rugs, statuary, marbles, bronzes, antique furniture, rare books, antique silver, manuscripts, porcelains, rare glass, figurines and bric-a-brac) of rarity, historical value or artistic merit.
(l) Business Records: The liability of the Insurer for loss of or damage to:
(i) books of accounts, drawings, card index systems and other records, other than as described in (ii) below, shall not exceed the cost of blank books, blank pages or other materials,
(ii) media, data storage devices and programmed devices for electronic and electro-mechanical data processing or for electronically controlled equipment, notwithstanding that “Data” is not insured, shall not exceed the cost of reproducing such media, data storage devices, and programmed devices from duplicates or from originals of the previous generation of the media, but no liability is assumed hereunder for the cost of gathering or assembling information or “Data” for such reproduction.

Perils Insured
Coverage under the self-storage facility policy, subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions therein, insures against all risks of direct physical loss or damage to the property insured.


Peril Exclusions
Coverage under the self-storage facility policy does not insure against, among other things, the following:
(a) by earthquake, except for ensuing loss or damage which results directly from fire, explosion, smoke or leakage from fire protective equipment, all as described in Clause 15(d);
(b) by flood, including waves, tides, tidal waves, tsunami, or the rising of, the breaking out or the overflow of, any body of water, whether natural or man-made, but this exclusion does not apply to ensuing loss or damage which results directly from fire, explosion, smoke or leakage from fire protective equipment all as described in Clause 15(d) or leakage from a water main;
(c) by seepage, leakage or influx of water derived from natural sources through walls, doors, windows or any other openings, foundations, basement floors, sidewalks, sidewalk lights, or by the backing up of sewers, sumps, septic tanks or drains, unless concurrently and directly caused by a peril not otherwise excluded in Clause 7.B. hereof;
(d) by the entrance of rain, sleet or snow through doors, windows, skylights or other similar wall or roof openings unless through an aperture concurrently and directly caused by a peril not otherwise excluded in Clause 7.B. hereof;
(e) by centrifugal force, mechanical or electrical breakdown or derangement in or on the “premises” unless fire ensues and then only for the loss or damage caused directly by such ensuing fire;
(f) by dampness or dryness of atmosphere, changes of temperature, freezing, heating, shrinkage, evaporation, loss of weight, leakage of contents, exposure to light, contamination, pollution, change in colour or texture or finish, rust or corrosion, marring, scratching or crushing, but this exclusion does not apply to loss or damage caused directly by ”Named Perils”;
(g) by smoke from agricultural smudging or industrial operations;
(h) by rodents, insects or vermin, but this exclusion does not apply to loss or damage caused directly by a peril not otherwise excluded in Clause 7.B. hereof;
(i) by delay, loss of market or loss of use or occupancy;
(j) by war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military power;
(k) by any nuclear incident as defined in the Nuclear Liability Act, or any other Nuclear Liability Act, law or statute, or any law amendatory thereof, nuclear explosion or contamination by radioactive material;
(l) by any dishonest or criminal act on the part of the “Customer” or any other party of interest, employees or agents of the “Customer”, or any person to whom the property may be entrusted (bailees for hire excepted), but this exclusion does not apply to physical damage, caused directly by employees of the “Customer”, which results from a peril otherwise insured and not otherwise excluded under this form.
(m) wear and tear, gradual deterioration, latent defect, inherent vice, or the cost of making good faulty or improper material, faulty or improper workmanship, faulty or improper design.
(n) disturbance or erasure of electronic recordings by electric or magnetic injury except by lightning;
(o) against loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by the dumping of “pollutants” at the premises”
(p) “Fungi & Mould” includes, but is not limited to, any form or type of mould, yeast, mushroom or mildew whether or not allergenic, pathogenic or toxigenic, and any substance, vapour or gas produced by, emitted from or arising out of any “fungi” or “spores” or resultant mycotoxins, allergens, or pathogens. “Spores” includes, but is not limited to, one or more reproductive particles or microscopic fragments produced by, emitted from or arising out of any “fungi”.
(q) against loss or damage caused by or resulting from theft but this exclusion shall not apply to loss by burglary or hold-up, “Burglary” means the felonious abstraction of the insured property from within a building, room or storage space by any persons making felonious entry therein by actual force and violence, of which there shall be visible marks made upon the exterior of such building, room or storage space at the place of such entry. The mere absence of a lock or padlock will not constitute visible marks of forcible

Special Limits of Insurance
Electronic hardware, including data processing equipment and components including electronic media are insured to a maximum recovery of $1,000 per item and a maximum recovery of $2,000 per any one claim.

Other Insurance
The insurer is not liable:
a. For more than the portion of any loss or damage covered by this Form which the application limit of this Form Bears to the total amount of insurance covering against the peril of fire irrespective of whether or not such other insurance gives insurance in respect of the perils covered by this Form whether by endorsement thereto or otherwise;
b. Where such other insurance does not insure against loss or damage by fire for more than the excess (if any) of any loss or damage over the application limit of any other insurance which would attach if this insurance had not been effected.

***The information provided herein is for promotional purposes, for a complete list of terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations refer to the Self Storage Facility’s insurance Policy. A copy may be obtained
from the self-storage facility.